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DATE:   September 13, 2014

TIME:  7:30 AM

Click here for Olympic Trial Qualifications information

The Marathon course is mostly a loop.  The run begins at the heart of the Oktoberfest early enough that no crowds have assembled except for the runners.  Marathon runners and Half Marathon runners start in front of the Festhalle - the registration site of the Oregon Marathony. A quick elevation gain of 135 feet takes runners to the edge of town as College Road becomes the course for 2 miles.  Mostly flat or downhill roads for the next nine miles including the portion of the course that goes through the Gallon House Bridge brings runners to the westerly edge of town with an incline of 85 feet to the Mt. Angel High School where the first half of the Marathon ends and the second half begins.  Get your share of the ice-cold watermelon station at the halfway point. Next, you will climb 109 feet during the next 6 miles to the highest point in the course.  A stretch of 1 mile travels through through vineyards, on a hard-pack gravel road, and even goes over a farm stream. One stretch - Miles 18 - Mile 19 is on a flat, hard gravel road through the Kraemer Farm. On the farm, you will replenish again with ice-cold watermelon. In the next 7 miles you will lose 95 feet in elevation to the Mt. Angel High School track - the newest track in Oregon.  Showers?  At the Finish Line!

The Oregon Marathon can be the event for all half marathoners and marathons in Oregon. The tradition was begun!  The City of Mt. Angel won the 'bid' to accept the Oregon Marathon for the 2014 and 2015 years. The Oktoberfest has been held in Mt. Angel for the past 49 years, and the Oregon Marathon is proud to be part of the festival, which has over 350,000 visitors in a four-day period.

The Oregon Marathon course winds through the wonderfully beautiful Willamette Valley countryside. Runners will start the race in the heart of the Oktoberfest - early enough that the music, food, and display vendors are setting up their wares for the day. The course runs along the streets of the City of Mt. Angel towards the country roads. For the marathoners, a special feature is running through an agricultural farm, on two hard gravel roads - each a mile long, and this time of year, the crops are ripe for the picking. Runners may want to stop for photo shoots at the Gallon House Bridge, the oldest covered wooden bridge in Oregon.  Run some winding turns into Silverton, pop.: 10,000, and enjoy the scenery.  Once you come back to Mt. Angel, the celebration will be ready for you. Meet your family and friends, shower down, and relax. Spend your day at the Oktoberfest, and enjoy some Oregon hospitality.

The difference between the highest point and the lowest point on the course is 169.39 feet.


Mile by Mile Course Elevation Chart - CLICK HERE

Course time requirements - CLICK HERE

USA Track & Field Certification - CLICK HERE



 Water Stations & Portable Restroom Locations -






  • USA Track and Field certified Marathon course
  • Boston qualifier
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, baby joggers, strollers, roller skates and roller blades are not permitted on the course
  • Headphones (iPods, mp3 players, CDs, tape walkmans, radios, etc.) are discouraged
  • Push rim and hand crank wheelchairs are permitted on the Marathon course ONLY; no wheelchairs are permitted on the Half Marathon course. 
  • Fluid and medical aid stations are positioned along the course
  • Water and Gatorade will be offered at every fluid station
  • Watermelon stations along the courses
  • GU gels will be available at locations along the course
  • Salty snacks such as potato chips or pretzels will be available at locations along the course



City streets, police offices and support are contracted for specific times and cannot be extended. 

If you cannot adhere to the scheduled time/pace per mile listed on the schedule, you will be asked to board a sweep vehicle that will take you to relay shuttle drop off area which is several blocks from the finish line. If you refuse to get on the vehicle, you must move to the sidewalk so traffic can resume. If you choose to continue after the course has reopened, there will be no medical support, fluid stations, or course marshals at intersections, and the course will no longer be marked. Participants after that time will not be guaranteed a time or medal.

  • No refunds or deferments of entry fees
  • Minimum age for Marathon: 15-years old on SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
  • Push rim and hand crank wheelchairs are permitted on the Marathon course ONLY; no wheelchairs are permitted on the Half Marathon course.
  • Paper/mail-in registrations will not be accepted after SEPTEMBER 1, 2014



All finishing participants will receive a finishers medal.

Prizes will be awarded for the top finishers for the Marathon in the following age categories for men and women: 19 & Under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+

  • Awards will be mailed once official race results have been submitted. Please allow 3-4 weeks post-race for awards to be mailed out.
  • Overall and Master category winners are not eligible for age group awards.



The Oregon Marathon was started in September 2013.  Over 750 participants registered - most were from the states of Oregon and Washington, and 25 states were represented. The first Oregon Marathon & Half Marathon was held on the Banks/Vernonia Trail, a beautiful 23-mile asphalt trail in the western part of Washington County, Oregon. The trail is 25 miles west of Portland. A certified typhoon greeted runners as they boarded busses early in the morning, and the nick name Typhoonathoner was quickly coined to describe those who braved the elements - winds 70 miles per hour, and buckets, and buckets of rain.


Dave Ross of Beaverton, Oregon, and Kathlyn Theis of Brooklyn, New York won the inaugural Oregon Marathon. Frans Alajoki of Bend, Oregon, and Ruth Schlachter of Dundee, Oregon won the Half Marathon.


In all, 17 participants qualified for the Boston Marathon.